NHL Commissioner asks for gambling profits cut

The official said that the league should get a share of revenue if league information is used.

US.- National Hockey League (NHL) Commissioner Gary Bettman talked this week about sports betting in the country and said that those who want to conduct gambling business with NHL assets, need to negotiate with the league.

The Commissioner talked about it in the “PodcastOne Sports Now” episode and said that the league should receive a cut from gambling profits if the intellectual property, information or video from NHL games are used.

Despite opposing the Supreme Court’s ruling, Bettman said earlier this year that sports betting could actually create a fair amount of opportunity for hockey. “In terms of creating more interest and opportunities for states, for the federal government, for casinos… and for sports leagues, while the future is uncertain, I think there’s a fair amount of opportunity if it’s done right,” Bettman told CNBC in May.

Other leagues are in talks with gambling partners in order to share some of the revenue that sports betting could bring to their businesses. Yesterday, the NBA announced that it had reached a deal with MGM, but details of the partnership haven’t been announced yet.

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