New Hampshire held casino hearing

The Senate has already approved the bill.

A public hearing was held yesterday in New Hampshire, where residents expressed their strong opposition and concerns about gaming legislation.

US.- Legislators of New Hampshire have welcomed opponents to discuss a casino legislation and they expressed their concerns about negative aspects of regulating the industry. Residents of the state carried out a public hearing yesterday addressing the possibilities of a legal casino industry. However, the session was highly tinted with opponent arguments.

Late in March, the Senate of New Hampshire passed the SB 242 giving the green light to casino expansion. The House of Representatives will report a final resolution soon, as officials are currently debating the proposals. Nevertheless, last night residents represented by local group CasiNO showed their efforts to maintain the prohibition of the industry.

“It’s not possible to be both anti-crime and pro-casino at the same time,” stated Franklin Police Chief David Goldstein on behalf of the Chiefs of Police Association. “What sense does it make to introduce and legalise another form of addiction in our state?” he argued as he explained the state is going through severe drug problems.

The opposition group counted with the presence of newly-sworn Attorney General Gordon MacDonald. “The concern is, at bottom, that we’ve got an excellent quality of life and a very low crime rate and the nature of expanded gambling threatens both,” the official added. The bill is having a hard time whilst it is reviewed by the House. Supporters believe it would help to control illegal bands and to generate further revenues for state programs.