Networks that reject betting ads may be given a license fee discount

As per a new gambling reform, Australian TV networks that refuse to air gambling ads will be given a discount on their license fee.

Australia.- Under a proposal of the Alliance for Gambling Reform, Australian TV networks would be given a discount on their license fee if they refuse to screen gambling advertising. The idea was originally pitched to Senator Nick Xenophon and Tasmanian independent MP Andrew Wilkie.

Senator Xenophon said there was merit in a plan that would not damage the networks’ bottom line. “Networks should not have to be out of pocket; it should be the online bookies,” Senator Xenophon said.

The community is outraged at the blurred lines between sports and betting, especially during sports events. Many Australians, particularly parents of young children, are frustrated at the exposure gambling gets during sports events on television and radio.

This is the main reason why in a bid to ease TV industry concerns, the alliance is pushing a plan to give commercial TV networks a discount for licenses they pay annually.