NeoGames launches eInstants with the Georgia Lottery Corporation

NeoGames launches eInstants with the Georgia Lottery Corporation

The launch has expanded the Georgia Lottery online offering by complementing its Diggi Games.

US.- NeoGames has launched eInstants with the Georgia Lottery Corporation. The launch expands the online offering of Georgia Lottery by complementing its Diggi Games.

Hili Shakked, managing director of NeoGames Studio, said: “We are thrilled to have the opportunity to deliver our portfolio of eInstant games to the Georgia Lottery, one of the leading lotteries in the US. I am confident that our range of premium eInstants, including titles that are exceptional performers in other US states, will enhance the appeal of Georgia Lottery’s online offering.”

Gretchen Corbin, president and CEO of the Georgia Lottery Corporation, added: “The Georgia Lottery Corporation is pleased to offer NeoGames Studio’s eInstants as a source of entertainment for our valued players. These new games are an excellent addition to our current Diggi Games portfolio, providing additional exciting experiences for our players. Diggi Games contribute greatly to the Georgia Lottery’s mission to maximize revenues for Georgia’s Hope Scholarship and Pre-K programs. We appreciate the opportunity to partner with NeoGames as we work to continue growing this vital category of games.”

Georgia Senate passes sports betting bill

In February, the Georgia Senate voted 35-15 to advance Senate Bill 386, which would legalise sports betting in the state. The Senate also approved an amendment that would require a referendum of Georgia voters in November. The amendment passed with a 34-7 vote.

Following Senate approval, the sports betting bill now progresses to the Georgia House of Representatives for further discussion. The bill would create 16 licences, with eight tethered to Georgia sports organisations, seven open licences and a licence for the Georgia Lottery. Those licences would require a $100,000 application fee and an annual licence fee of $1m. Each licensee could partner with one sports betting operator.

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