Nederlandse Loterij Innovation Lab aims to “future-proof the Dutch Lottery”

A call for entries will close on January 16.
A call for entries will close on January 16.

The state-owned lottery operator is inviting entrepreneurs and creative thinkers to put forward pilot solutions

The Netherlands.- The state-owned operator of the Dutch lottery, Nederlandse Loterij, has launched a new tech initiative that it’s calling its Innovation Lab. It’s put out a call for “entrepreneurs and creative thinkers to future-proof the Dutch Lottery”.

Led by Nederlandse Loterij head of strategy and innovation, Collin Mous, the Innovation Lab will reward grants of €25,000 to entrepreneurs that propose pilot projects aimed at improving the lottery’s operations and commercial offerings. It is also interested in the development of player protection measures to prevent excessive gambling.

“Nederlandse Loterij challenges visionaries to come up with solutions to the challenges faced by the Dutch Lottery. When someone has a solution for such a challenge, that person will receive a budget to develop a prototype or pilot,” the operator said.

Those interested can submit ideas until January 16, 2024. Those that are accepted will be tested out in live pilots by the lottery’s innovation department.

Mous said: “The Innovation Lab offers opportunities to work with the Dutch Lottery on social challenges and with our strong brands. This creates excellent opportunities to offer innovative entrepreneurs and companies a flying start.”

Earlier this month, the Dutch gambling regulator, Kansspelautoriteit (KSA), said it had warned three licensed gambling operators for breaching the Netherlands’ new ban on untargeted advertising

The country introduced a ban on July 1, covering all television, radio and out-of-home ads. Gambling adverts are still allowed online and in on-demand television if it can be proved that they are prevented from reaching people aged under 24. 

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