Mongolia shows interest in casino industry

Mongolia has established a special group to draft the gaming bill.

Mongolia.- Last Tuesday 11, the Judicial Standing Committee approved the creation of a government’s special team that will be in charge of the drafting of an upcoming casino bill. In November 2016, the Asian country revealed its intentions to legalise the gambling industry this year.

According to the local press, the government’s group will be leaded by “L. Enkhbold,” Member of the Parliament. It would be the second attempt to legalise the development of casino resorts in Mongolia and the gambling bill would ban the participation of residents in the entertainment centres.

The casino draft would be based on current Vietnamese, South Korean and Cambodian legislation. The gaming activity will be held near Mongolia’s borders with Buryatia and Kyakhta in Russia, China, as well as in international airports in Ulan Bator, Mongolia’s capital.

The first attempt to legalise casino industry in Mongolia was in 2012, when legislators introduced a gaming bill that was rejected later that year. The new casino project would propose the legalisation of two casinos for tourists, which would be expected to collect between US$29.7 million to US$52.2 million.