Money laundering in Malta

According to Europol, an organised crime syndicate ran a US$2.39 billion money-laundering operation through iGaming companies in Malta.

Malta.- Igaming in Malta has turned the Europol’s attention not for its gambling possibilities or its business opportunities, but for allegedly being used for money laundering. According to a financial intelligence report released by Europol, warned of an increase in dirty operations in the island and revealed the ‘Ndrangheta organised crime syndicate, from Calabria, Italy, ran a US$2.39 billion money-laundering operation through i-gaming companies.

The report, quoted by Intergame, reveals that Europol is set to increase its investigations into Malta’s gaming companies in order to fight Magias and comply with European Union law.

The ‘Ndrangheta case involves six operators suspected of money laundering. Men responsible for it have been extradited to Italy and face charges of using igaming to launder money from drug trafficking and other illegal activities.

According to Europol, EU’s fourth anti-money laundering directive has included the online gaming sector among segments suspected and is set to increase reports referred to Malta’s anti-money laundering unit for investigation.

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