MLB Commissioner discusses sports betting

sports betting

Manfred claimed that the MLB is reconsidering its position on sports betting.

Commissioner Rob Manfred said that he wants the league to be prepared for upcoming talks about sports betting.

US.- Major League Baseball (MLB) Commissioner Rob Manfred confirmed in an interview earlier this week that he wants the league to be ready to discuss the possibility of an upcoming regulation of sports betting on a federal level.

As Legal Sports Report revealed, Manfred claimed that the MLB is reconsidering its position on sports betting, and that officials have been researching the modality. During an interview with ESPN, the head of the MLB commented on the fact that NBA’s Commissioner also said that he would be willing to change his mind on the subject, and said that “Adam Silver has done a nice job of making people aware that the landscape on sports gambling is changing around [people].” He also said that in response to just general developments in the area, they’ve begun a conversation with the owners. “It’s educational at the begging, in the sense in that sports gambling has changed a lot. I mean, you know the old division of betting illegally with a bookie somewhere is not today’s world.”

“We’ve begun a conversation educating people about what’s out there, what sports leagues in other countries have done, in an effort to make sure Major League Baseball is ready to join in what I think is going to be a dialogue about how sports gambling regulation in the United States should be changed,” he added. Earlier this year, the official commented that as sports betting is happening in the country, they need to step up the conversation of whether is a good thing or not.

Moreover, a report from MoffettNathanson Research, a leading media research company, established that the legalisation of sports betting in the United States would help the National Football League (NFL) boost its revenues, among other things.