Mississippi wouldn’t allow wagering on sports betting

Mississippi sports betting

Credits: Intelligent Betting Tips.

As the US could legalise sports betting industry, operations in Mississippi would not include “wagering.”

US.- Mississippi is one of the states that have replied about legalising the sports betting industry if the US Supreme Court’s resolution favours New Jersey’s proposal of approving the new way of gaming at federal level. However, Mississippi’s legislation could be tricky, as it may include prohibitions on “wagering.”

Currently, sports betting platforms are prohibited in Mississippi, but local legislators decided to introduce a proposal forbidding the game. “No wagering shall be allowed on the outcome of any athletic event, nor any matter to be determined during an athletic event, nor on the outcome of any event, which does not take place on the premises,” reads the H 1113 proposal.

Over 18 states are interested in legalising the industry, but under the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 (PASPA), only four states are able to operate sports betting: Nevada, Oregon, Delaware and Montana. As New Jersey has taken the demand to the Court, a national approval of sports betting is a serious possibility.

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