Mississippi reports sports betting revenue increase

Sports betting revenue increased in Mississippi. Credits: sunherald.com

The start of the new season of the NFL has led the state to report an increase in sports betting revenue.

US.- According to figures released by the Mississippi Gaming Commission this week, tradable revenue for September increased from US$645k in August to US$5.5 million. State’s bettors wagered US$31.8 million at the local casinos.

Current regulations allow players to place stakes in person, and there are no online betting operators working in Mississippi. While the first month of operations brought more than half a million to the state, September saw the opening of a number of sportsbooks, and 24 casinos are now offering their services.

The majority of sports betting revenue came from football as the new season of the National Football League (NFL) kicked off, accounting for US$3.98 million of the total US$5.5 million. Parlay betting totalled US$1.48 million, and other sports accounted US$178k.

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