Mississippi reconsiders Biloxi casino

The local gaming commission rejected the same site since years ago.

US.- The Mississippi Gaming Commission is supposedly reconsidering a project to build a new casino in Biloxi. RW Development is the company behind the project that was presented nine years ago because it had problems with its location. The commission will host a meeting on February 16.

It is expected that the company will reintroduce the project next week, with the support of a recently formed group called the Biloxi Boardwalk Association. According to WLOX, Roc Stinson, a restaurant owner located in the area, said: “I think the RW Development project just goes hand in hand with that; bringing more traffic, tourism, and more business to the water. I think it will make that truly the pinnacle of Biloxi. I think it will be the greatest area on the water where tourists will want to go.”

“I don’t think that we’re saturated, I really don’t. I think anything that will bring more people into the area we’re talking about would be great for us,” he added. Furthermore, the project also received support from Kellie Sperry, from Big Play: “I think it’s a great idea. It’s going to bring not only more tourists and more people to this area, but it’s also going to bring in more employment and more jobs. We’re always looking for places to bring more jobs to the Gulf Coast.”