Mississippi posts best numbers since 2008

Coastal casinos helped the state get a rise in their numbers after more than eight years.

US.- According to the Mississippi Gaming Commission, 2016 will likely break the US$2 billion mark, with february being the best month with over US$190 million in GGR, and November being the slowest with US$154 million. In 2008, they reported US$2.7 billion in winnings.

Coastal casinos experienced a significant growth from the previous years and reported earnings of US$1.2 billion in 2016. In 2015, they experienced a 6 percent growth from 2014’s US$1 billion, to US$1.1 billion. The state gaming commission believes that local investments and renewed interest boosted by existing casinos helped coastal operators accomplish the results.

In October, the 12 coastal casinos experienced its 24th consecutive month of increment. Players have bet US$99 million, representing a 13 percent more in comparison with the same month in 2015. Furthermore, the 18 gaming machines located in the Northern area took in an overage of US$5 million each.

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