Mississippi backs off coast casinos

The Gaming Commission rejected to pass a bill which would develop casinos in coast areas.

US.- Yesterday the Mississippi Gaming Commission decided not to pass the bill which proposed the construction of a new gambling area where operators don’t own property touching the water. Members of the organisation backed off the amendment of current legislation that prohibits the development of casino venues along the Mississippi coast beaches.

“As he has made clear before, Governor Bryant strongly opposes any regulatory or statutory changes that would expand gaming in the state,” Republican Phil Bryant spokesman Clay Chandler commented. The governor has previously appointed the members of the Commission, who has barely commented on their Thurday’s demurral.

“The commissioners will not go down this road, or have chosen to leave the regulation as it stands,” expressed Gaming Commission Director Allen Godfrey. A state law enacted in 1992 limits casinos to sites on the Mississippi River or over the coastal waters. However, after the destruction left by Hurricane Katrina, Mississippi Legislature held intense debates about breaking casinos’ direct ties to the water, without expanding the number of potential casino sites.