Michigan Gaming Control Board reaches settlement in Flint forfeiture case

Michigan Gaming Control Board reaches settlement in Flint forfeiture case

The case involved former illegal gambling establishments.

US.- The Michigan Gaming Control Board (MGCB) has announced the resolution of an enforcement action involving former illegal gambling establishments The Cellular Vault, The Vault, and The Flint Arcade. Contents have been removed and sold, while the property is not to be used for one year.

Earlier this year, a property nuisance complaint case was filed against L.D. Lam Properties, owned by Linos Antonio Kas-Mikha. As a result, Kas-Mikha was “banned from engaging in any other nuisance in any other building or place in Genesee County.” A settlement agreement saw Kaas-Mikha ordered to pay $3,500 for associated costs.

MGCB executive director Henry Williams said: “I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Illegal gambling operations anywhere undermine the integrity of our regulated gaming industry everywhere. The MGCB would like to extend its gratitude to Flint Mayor Sheldon Neeley and to all the individuals and agencies who contributed to the successful resolution of this case, including law enforcement partners and community members who provided valuable information. This case settlement is proof that when we work together and partner with other state agencies and local leaders, positive change can happen.”

Flint mayor Sheldon Neeley added: “I want to thank the Michigan Gaming Control Board and all of our law enforcement partners who helped ensure that this illegal gambling operation will no longer take advantage of vulnerable people in our community. I hope the forfeiture of the Corunna Road establishment sends a strong message that we will hold bad actors accountable when they profit from illegal activities that threaten public health and safety.”

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