MGA praises blockchain technology

The MGA highlighted blockchain technology’s capability to enhance the gambling sector as it continues to evolve.

Malta.- Blockchain technology keeps growing and Malta has turned its attention to the possibilities it provides and the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) has highlighted the potential it has to enhance the gambling industry.

Joseph Cuschieri, MGA’s Executive Chairman, assured in a panel about gambling regulatory bodies applying new technologies at the International Association of Gaming Regulators (IAGR) conference that they should embrace innovations like blockchain technology.

He even urged his peers to stimulate their implementation by taking the right measures in order to deploy them in the best way possible. The official addressed the new regulatory frame that’s being designed for Malta’s gambling industry, involving some licensing modifications that will have the regulatory body only granting two types of licences.

He also said that the authorities will make sure the potentiality of new technologies and their role in the online gambling industry’s improvement is included in the new rules.

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