Massachusetts concerned about gambling proposal

The State Treasurer said that the current revenue is stuck and it needs to be updated.

US.- Deborah Goldberg, Massachusetts’ State Treasurer, filled a bill on November 2016 with the intention of legalising an online lottery in the state that would be operated by the Massachusetts Lottery. Despite her efforts, the bill didn’t get a vote, but she will try again this year.

“It’s true that we are leading the nation for Keno sales, and many longtime customers continue to play the game in restaurants and other locations across the commonwealth. However, the Keno market is virtually saturated, which is why we have begun preparing for a period of stagnation,” said Goldberg, who admitted that her idea is to boost the US$965 million that the state is gonna get from lottery revenue by allowing people to use the lottery online or with a smartphone. “We must focus on making the lottery more appealing to millennials, while we continue to offer games that our loyal customers know, trust and enjoy,” she added.

According to The Sun Chronicle, Plainridge Park Casino urged the Legislature to revise the online gambling proposal. General Manager Lance George said that it is very important for the legislature to be rigorous in its evaluation of any policy change that affects job and revenue creation in industries that operate brick-and-mortar facilities, and even more so when those industries are new to the commonwealth.

Furthermore, Stephen Howitt, State Rep. R-Seenok, said that he doesn’t think an online lottery is a good idea because it could hurt the stores that sell the lottery tickets. “I know the world is changing, but at this point in time its not in the best interests of the towns.”

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