Maryland to keep same tax for casino owners

The state confirmed that they will not raise the casino taxes that the owners have to pay.

US.- Maryland Senate President Thomas Mike Miller Jr announced that casino owners will not have to pay more taxes. The official confirmed the news during the Annapolis Summit.

According to Baltimore Business Journal, Paul Gellar, President of the Montgomery County Council of PTAs, said that casino owners are not giving the state enough money. Senator Miller answered Gellar’s statement and said that casinos are already giving almost half of their earnings to the state through the taxes that they currently pay. The contribution made by the casinos goes directly to Maryland’s Education Trust Fund.

“We have the highest tax anywhere in the U.S. and we put more money into Gamblers Anonymous than any other state. These industries are paying a very, very high tax. It’s very competitive and we are very fortunate to have what we have.” Maryland casinos grew 40 percent compared to December 2015, where the existing casinos generated US$38 million less than in 2016.