Malta: suspicious betting reporting to become mandatory

Some operators raised concerns about the potential for disputes with players.
Some operators raised concerns about the potential for disputes with players.

New rules will oblige Malta-licensed sportsbooks to report suspicious betting from January 1. 

Malta.- The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) has set a date for the introduction of mandatory regulations on the reporting of suspicious betting.

The regulator launched a consultation on the new reporting requirements in May. 

It now plans to make its Suspicious Betting Reporting Mechanism (SBRM) available to all B2C-licensed operators from November 1.

Operators that already report suspicious betting to the regulator will be able to do so using the new platform from that date.

Reporting will become mandatory for all operators from January 1

The rules demand licensees describe the markets on which suspicious activity occurred, the time of the bets, account information, evidence for suspicions and a list of other bodies that have been notified. 

The MGA plans to provide all B2C operators with a manual on how to use the new system. 

It said all responses to its consultation on the new rules had been positive, noting particular support for its creation of a dedicated Sports Integrity Unit (SIU) last year. 

The only major concerns raised by operators were over the potential for disputes to arise with players if winnings and bets were withheld because of investigations into suspicious bets.

The MGA said it would publish periodic updates on cases to allow operators to keep affected customers informed of progress. It also said customers could be directed to contact its own player support department for complaints.

An MGA spokesperson said: “As already reiterated throughout this consultation process, the MGA’s SIU is adamant to continue increasing its collaboration efforts with both its licensees and other stakeholders interested in safeguarding the integrity of sports and sports betting.

“Hence, the MGA’s SIU intends to continue discussing potential policy initiatives with its licensee via consultation processes, whilst also looking to start organising workshops, bi-annual round tables and a Sports Integrity forum involving all stakeholders.”

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