Galaxy inaugurates new casino floor in Macau

Galaxy Entertainment inaugurated operations at its new gaming floor located at the flagship Galaxy Macau.

Macau.- Casino operator Galaxy Entertainment revealed yesterday that it has inaugurated a new gaming floor in Macau. According to the company’s statement, gaming operations will be available in its VIP gaming brand JinMen in a new casino floor at its flagship Galaxy Macau resort on Cotai.

“For this year, JinMen8 is the only expansion for the direct premium business,” Benedict Wan, senior vice president for international premium and mass market development stated. The firm has no plan for another JinMen product in the currently operating phases of the Galaxy Macau resort, but it will “have more facilities for VIPs” in the future, Wan added.

“It caters for what it termed “direct premium” play, i.e., in-house VIP business with credit being extended by the casino operator rather than via junket partners. The company said the launch would be the only expansion this year for the group’s direct VIP offering,” reads the statement.

Galaxy Entertainment Group (GEG) has also released its latest financial report, in which it details a 25% year-on-year increase in net revenue to €3.1 billion for the first half of the current year. Galaxy Macau’s revenue drove the financial results with revenues of €2.1 billion.

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