Macau Assembly passed new gaming bill

macau casino employee ban

The system to identify workers won't be 100% accurate. Credits:

Macau’s authorities could ban casino workers from entering gaming salons outside work hours.

Macau.- On July 12th the Legislative Assembly of Macau approved the new gaming bill aiming at banning casino workers from entering gaming salons and participating in betting services outside work hours, according to local press. However, casino experts think the bill would not be signed by the government.

As reported by the Macau casino press, some legislators “questioned its practical application and possible infringement to residents fundamental rights” arguing that enforcing regulations could have a negative impact on the business.

After the debate, legislator Si Ka Lon stated to the press that “if workers have to make a request to the Gaming Inspection and Co-ordination Bureau (DICJ) to enter gaming areas for social reasons this could go against the Basic Law”, and added: “It’ an unequal treatment and the government needs to explain better its reasoning[…] I would like to debate this issues at committee level.”

Furthermore, gaming expert Ricardo Chi Sen Siu has commented that the bill from the local government to ban casino employees from entering venues outside of work hours could be flawed, as the technology to run facial ID on them would be less than 100 per cent accurate.

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