MLS soccer player invests in Luckbox

MLS soccer goalkeeper Luis Robles has invested in esports betting operator Luckbox.
MLS soccer goalkeeper Luis Robles has invested in esports betting operator Luckbox.

Luis Robles has backed esports betting operator as the popularity of betting on video games continues to rise.

US.- A Major League Soccer (MLS) player has invested in esports betting operator Luckbox as the market continues to boom.

MLS veteran, Luis Robles, the goalkeeper for Inter Miami, has a degree in finance from the University of Portland and is an active investor.

Robles told Forbes: “On the road, I’ll be watching Netflix, while my room-mate is watching Twitch. My team-mates, they’re watching in the same way they watch an opponent for a football match.

“They like to see tactics and strategies, what people are using and what works so that they can use those things in their own game. That to me was mind-blowing. And yet, it’s what people are doing and it shows the importance of esports in our culture right now.”

Luckbox is set to list on the TSX ahead of schedule after experiencing a sharp rise in esports betting due to much of global sport – including the MLS – postponed or cancelled due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

Luckbox CEO, Quentin Martin said: “It’s well documented that esports is super-hot right now and many famous names from the world of sports and entertainment have recognised this by backing a host of projects.

“We’ve been live in 100 countries for just over a year now, so we’re still a very young company. To have the support of someone as highly respected as Luis is clearly a massive boost for our company.

“For sports fans, betting on outcomes is often an extra way to enjoy the match experience. Safe, legal and legitimate betting is increasingly important to esports and, over the coming years, it will be the dominant driver of revenue for the industry.”

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