Lottery players to get refund

Lottery players who bought tickets for several drawings rigged by Multi-State Lottery Association employee Eddie Tipton can claim a refund.

US.- Former security director of the Multi-State Lottery Association, Eddie Tipton, was convicted of fraud back in 2015. He had rigged lottery draws to predict winning numbers on certain days and had his associates buy them.

Tipton’s scheme operated between 2005-2013, but several years later, a legal settlement may compensate lottery players. A tentative US$4.3 million legal settlement may see them get refunds, pending a judge’s approval.

The settlement was announced on Monday and would resolve claims against the lottery over the fraud. Lottery players who purchased tickets for drawings between 2005 and 2013 and were affected by the scheme would be eligible.

The US$4.3 million would come from a fund set for eligible class members, attorneys’ fees and other costs.

Tipton was caught after he bought one of the winning tickets himself, at a petrol station close to the association’s headquarters. The ticket aroused suspicion when it was presented hours before the one-year deadline by a New York lawyer representing a recently created trust on behalf of a corporation registered in Belize. The surveillance video from the point of sale was released and Tipton’s colleagues recognised him.

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