Nevada state court settles Sands case

While it was expected to run through the entire month, the company reached a settlement on Thursday.

US.- Las Vegas Sands has been recently involved in a number of legal cases, the last one in regards to a Hong Kong businessman that was suing the company for US$328 million. While it was estimated that the trial would run through March, the company reached a confidential settlement on Thursday in a Nevada state court.

The businessman Richard Suen argued that he introduced Sands executives to Chinese officials which ultimately led to them getting the Macanese licence. Suen had also already won US$44 million in 2008 and US$70 million in 2013 as he claimed that the casino giant had promised him US$5 million plus 2% of Sands’ Macau profits for providing the key introduction.

The Clark County Circuit Court Judge Rob Bare dismissed the jury on Thursday but the terms of the settlement were not disclosed.

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