Las Vegas keeps losing poker rooms

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Credits: Trip Advisor

Monte Carlo poker room has officially closed its doors and now the gambling hub only features 16 in the Strip.

US.- As Monte Carlo Casino officially closed its doors, the number of poker tables in Las Vegas decreased once again in 2017: the state has been gradually shutting down tables since the peak of the poker boom.

Monte Carlo has been closing poker rooms since 2017 started, with the sole purpose of changing the venue into two hotels. The company confirmed that the new property would include two facilities. The closing of the poker room is part of a series of measures to set the new hotels: back in October the company closet the swimming pool along with a few shopping outlets. Even though the poker room is a small facility, they expect to carry their plans with no issues.

Moreover, the casino will be renamed to Park MGM, and officials already confirmed that poker will not be involved in the upcoming remodeled casino. In approximately 15 years, Las Vegas experienced the closing of eight poker rooms. With the poker room of Monte Carlo Casino being closed, the number goes down from 26 in the 00’s to 16 in 2017.