Korean self gambling ban takes effect

The number of Koreans that banned themselves from Kangwon Land Casino last year grew 25 percent.

South Korea.- Officials from Kangwon Land Casino, located in South Korea, reported that the number of self exclusion grew exponentially from 3484 in 2012 to 4500 in 2016. The results are part of a measure to avoid gambling addiction.

Last year, the Asian government announced that Kangwon land was set to take deeper measures on controlling gambling problems, starting early this year. Players who may have gaming addiction are banned for three months from the only legal casino for residents. Operators of the Kangwon land control the frequency clients bet on the gaming services in order to impose the “cooling off” procedure. Korea BizWire reported that an official from the Kangwon Land Addiction Care Center, said that despite the criticism that their preventive measures are superficial, the numbers show that they’re effective.

“We’ve also had more individuals seek professional help, determined to put an end to their gambling habits,” he added. The control establishes that the same infraction sets a ban for a month for the first violation, and if they repeat the frequency they receive a two month ban and on third time a three-month penalty.