Key meeting debates gambling bill in Brazil

The new bill would expand gambling at New Mexico's five racinos.
The new bill would expand gambling at New Mexico's five racinos.

The deputy Bacelar, from the Podemos-BA block, and representatives of the Federal Revenue Service met to discuss the regulatory framework.

Brazil.- The coordinator of the Working Group on the Regulatory Framework of the Games, João Bacelar (PODEMOS-BA) has met with representatives of the Federal Revenue Service to discuss the update of project PL 442/91, which would legalise gaming in Brazil.

Sandro de Vargas Serpa, Undersecretary of Taxation and Litigation of the Federal Treasury; the Undersecretary of Inspection, Jonathan José Formiga de Oliveira; the General Tax Coordinator, Fernando Mombelli; the Head of the Tax and Customs Studies Center, Claudemir Rodrigues Malaquias; the General Coordinator of Investigation and Investigation, Cezar Ermilio García de Vasconcellos, the Head of the Parliamentary Advisor, José Carlos de Sousa Dias and the consultants of the Chamber of Deputies also participated in the meeting

Deputy Bacelar reported on the procedures and updates that are proposed for the replacement of PL 442/91. The coordinator of the Games GT pointed out the need for Federal Treasury technicians to collaborate in updating and improving the proposal.

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“The meeting with the Federal Revenue Service closes the cycle of meetings with the control bodies in Brazil to discuss updating the draft of the Regulatory Framework for the Games. We have already met with the Attorney General’s Office (PGR), the Financial Activities Control Council (COAF), and the Federal Police. We understand that the contributions from Income will be very important for the improvement of the bill,” said Bacelar.

For his part, the undersecretary of taxation and litigation, Sandro de Vargas Serpa, expressed the need for controls to facilitate the investigation and prevent money laundering. He represented the special secretary of the Internal Revenue Service, José Barroso Tostes Neto.

“It does not mean that the Internal Revenue Service is against it, but it is only a concern with the control and inspection mechanisms. We are going to speak with the Secretary about the issues discussed at the meeting so that we can improve the project for the National Congress,” said Vargas Serpa.

The undersecretary of federal income inspection, Jonathan José Formiga de Oliveira, highlighted that the activity of games and casinos exists all over the world, including in Mercosur countries, and expressed the need to guarantee collection and inspection of the activity.

After the intervention of consultants from the Chamber of Deputies, a new meeting was agreed upon between technicians from the Federal Treasury and the Chamber of Deputies to present the draft of the text and discuss suggestions to improve the bill.

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