Kentucky to expand gaming and gambling

A bill that aims for gaming expansion and the creation of casinos was introduced in Kentucky’s Senate.

US.- On Tuesday, Senators Morgan McGarvey and Julie Raque Adams introduced a bill in the state’s Senate to expand gaming and allowing the creation of casinos in Kentucky. If the bill passes both legislative houses, Kentucky’s citizens will cast their votes in November to decide if a new constitutional amendment will allow the expansion.

Under this legislation, 90 percent of the state’s revenue from expanded gaming or casinos would be allocated on the Kentucky Retirement Systems and the Kentucky Teachers’ Retirement System for the first 10 years. The remaining 10 percent would be invested on the state’s horseracing industry.

“When it comes to gaming, reasonable minds can differ, but gaming is already here. Eighty percent of Kentuckians live within an hour of a casino,” McGarvey said. “We just have to choose if we want to benefit from it.”