Greentube unveils Jinxy Match 3

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Jinxy Match 3 is the latest slot innovation from Greentube.

Greentube’s Jinxy Match 3 is a sensational slot innovation like no other and is now available for all B2B players.

Austria.- Greentube has unveiled Jinxy Match 3, one of the most innovative slots the company has ever launched. This ground-breaking Match 3 slot now has pride of place in the company’s Home of Games and is available for all B2B partners.

“Go on a magical slot journey like never before in Jinxy Match 3, a Match 3 slot which combines thrilling features and innovative gameplay that truly puts players to the test,” says Greentube.

There are no ordinary win lines or reels to spin in this slot; players have to make their own luck. How? By dragging and dropping magical symbols around a grid to try to line up three or more matching symbols to make them disappear. A keen eye is also needed as players should always look out for the three special symbols that add even more spice to this phenomenal slot. The Cross, Bomb and Bell symbols can explode or transform regular symbols to increase winning chances! 

Jinxy Match 3 is a slot innovation that should not be missing in any modern online casino.

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