Japan to set facial recognition systems in gaming venues

Japan face recognition

Facial recognition systems will be included in Japanese gaming venues. (Credits: digitalcrew.com.au)

Japanese officials are pushing to install facial recognition systems at gaming venues as a way to tackle problem gambling.

Japan.- Gambling is a hot topic in Japan, but not only due to the imminent arrival of integrated resorts, but also because government officials are pushing to set new measures to fight problem gambling. In order to tackle the issue, a proposal was unveiled to install facial recognition systems at pachinko parlours, boat and horseracing venues.

The proposition is aimed at keeping verified problem gamblers and underaged people (less than 20 years old) out of gaming venues, by storing images of their faces in the system by their own request or their families’. Furthermore, they have suggested to remove ATM machines from pachinko parlours.

The intended measure will be turned to the public in order to get their feedback before March 27. Should they support the proposal, the government plans to create a properly finalised policy for the nation’s public gambling facilities before May and set the infrastructure by 2021.

In addition to this push, the government had already announced that centres for treatment and support of problem gamblers will begin to establish in 20 major cities around the world.

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