Japan to send IR bill to the upper house next week

Japan casinos ir implementation bill

The upper house is set to debate the IR bill next week. (Credits: RT.com)

The bill that would regulate the casino industry could reach the Upper House of the Japanese parliament next week.

Japan.- The Japanese parliament is on the path to extend the current Diet session and pass the Integrated Resorts (IR) Implementation Bill over the next few weeks. As the June 20th deadline gets closer, the piece of legislation that would regulate the casino industry in the country is set to be sent to the upper house next week.

Though there was some hope around the discussion beginning this week at the House of Councillors, the debate will only begin next week at the earliest as opposition parties submitted a motion to dismiss the chairman of what is known as the Committee on Cabinet in the lower chamber. That’s why the current session will – most likely – be extended beyond its current deadline.

The opposition’s bid is likely to be dismissed on Thursday, so the Committee will probably make a resolution about the IR bill and then send it to the upper house next week, which will further debate and decide the fate of the legislation. For that matter, the current session will probably be extended an extra 20 days, in order to reach a final decision by mid-July.

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