Ireland horse racing supports suspension

Ireland suspended horse racing until late April.
Ireland suspended horse racing until late April.

Ireland won’t have horse racing anytime soon due to COVID-19 but the segment will have its facilities ready to assist.

Ireland.- Amid the COVID-19 crisis, Ireland announced it will have racing facilities available to treat patients. The authorities explained that racing’s personnel and infrastructure will be ready to assist as necessary.

Horse Racing Ireland chairman Nicky Hartery said the authorities did all they could to keep attendance. However, he clarified that Ireland is going through a major crisis and horse racing is ready to help.

“What is most important is that as a country we do all we can individually and collectively to fight the transmission of Covid-19. Also focus on our health, ensuring that resources such as medical facilities and personnel are available where the need is most,” he said.

“We are very aware that the thousands of people in our industry are facing a great deal of uncertainty over the coming weeks and months.

“Irish racing is a resilient sector, and we have come through previous challenges such as Foot and Mouth disease and Equine Influenza.”

Still, according to Horse Racing Ireland CEO Brian Kavanagh, horse racing is ready to go in Ireland.

“We have run 10 race fixtures behind closed doors over the last two weeks through the diligence of key stakeholders in the industry,” Kavanagh said.

“What this has proven is that race fixtures can be safely staged while at the same time offering some level of business continuity for a crucial rural industry,” he added.

“The vital experience gained from staging these meetings behind closed doors may assist us to return racing as soon as possible.”

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