International eGames Committee fixes its bases

The international corporation was created last month during the London Games Festival.
The international corporation was created last month during the London Games Festival.

The Committee has been created to set the conditions for the competitive eSports gaming sector.

UK.- The initiative aims to shape the future of eSports gaming. International eGames Committee takes a step forward to the consolidation of an administrative group. The Committee has named its advisory board members, who will fill their positions with immediate effect.

The International eGames Committee will enhance the sector conforming national eTeams around the world for individual or group tournaments. The main focus of the corporation is to install professional governance for the eGames industry, to promote and develop the markets and to ensure diversity during the gaming events.

The board members are: Dr Jo Twist Ukie CEO, Andy Payne OBE Chair of the European Gaming League, Jude Ower MBE Founder and CEO of Playmob, Daniel Cossi President of Brazilian National eSports Confederation, Veronique Lallier VP of European Publishing at Hi–Rez Studio and Andrew Smith Corporate Affairs Director at Pinewood Group.

“At Hi-Rez, with titles such as SMITE and the upcoming Paladins, we have always championed fun, accessible and strong competitive games for everyone. It is a great opportunity to be able to use our background and experience in shaping the first eGames. And as a competitive gamer myself, I am honoured and personally glad to help. I can’t wait to see the first eGames match in action!,” commented Veronique Lallier.

And Andy Payne added: “The eGames concept is built on the Corinthian values of sporting activity, which can both unite and inspire gamers globally. I am incredibly honoured and excited to be joining the International eGames Committee and am looking forward to adding my strategic vision, experience and good governance to an incredibly exciting sector which will reinforce video games as a key cultural, diverse, inclusive and economic global force for good.”