Indiana legalises sports betting

Indiana legalises sports betting

Indiana became the latest state to legalize sports betting. Credits: USA Today

The governor of Indiana signed a bill into law on Wednesday, which approves sports betting.

US.- Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb signed into law a bill that approves sports betting in the state. This way, Indiana became on Wednesday the latest state in the US to legalise and be able to offer sports betting services if it wishes to do so.

The bill was signed on the final day possible for the Governor to act on it. Lawmakers had approved the bill in the final hours of this year’s state legislative session. The state could start offering sports betting from September. Bets could be placed by anyone 21 or older at casinos or mobile once a player registers at local casinos.

“By modernising our laws, this legislation will spur positive economic growth for our state and for an industry that employs over 11,000 Hoosiers,” Holcomb said in a statement. “Additionally, it will bring in new revenue and create hundreds of new jobs — both permanent and in construction.”

While bets on collegiate sports are allowed, high school or youth sporting events will be banned. The bill that legalises sports betting in Indiana also sets a 9.5% tax on sports betting. It is estimated that it will bring around US$12 million every year.

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