Indian Court dismisses online rummy petition

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The Supreme Court refused to hear a petition that seek the legalisation of online rummy in the country.

India.- A bench headed by Justice Madan B lokur refused to hear a plea that challenged the validity of three state laws that ban online rummy. Gambling in India has faced several restrictions and online rummy has been one of the recipients of the hurdles.

The case rejected by the Supreme Court was filed by “Krida Sports and Games Private Limited”, the online firm that asked governments like Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu to allow online rummy in the states, local media reported. The first state issued two ordinances that amend the Telangana Gaming Act, 1974 and ban online gambling as it added sober space in the legislation. Therefore, people cannot gamble in the internet legally. The other two states followed Telangana with similar legislations.

“It is evident from the above that rummy and online rummy when played for stakes, is creating a social menace affecting the life of students and women. It is causing an adverse impact on family life. The State was therefore compelled to enact the Ordinance pursuant to its constitutional responsibilities of enacting a just social order,” said the state.

Last month, it was revealed that the Gujarat High Court will deliver its judgement regarding the legality of poker in India on November 23. Discussions were started in September in order to decide whether poker is a game of skill or not. The results are set to have major impact on online and offline poker operations in the Asian country. The clubs that petitioned the legality of poker claimed that if the ruling is negative, they will immediately challenge the decision.