India wants to bring offshore casinos to land

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Town and Country Planning Minister in the Government of Goa,Vijai Sardesai, is pushing for the offshore casinos to be brought to land.

India.- Offshore casinos anchored in River Mandovi could be brought to land if the initiative by Town and Country Planning Minister and Goa Forward Party President Viaji Sardesai comes through. He argues that the floating venues are polluting the river, which has been called “the lifeline of Goa”, and wants to get them to move.

“I am actually pushing for moving them on land. For this the Act needs to be amended. The casinos are polluting the river,” Sardesai said as quoted by Indian news outlet He also explained that the party’s stand on casinos is unchanged and stated that he believes the government can turn the river into something like the Hong Kong harbour.

Sardesai also said that he doesn’t believe that casinos should be shut down. “If you shut them, it will have an overall effect,” he said and took credit for blocking a sixth casino in the area: “I have always been saying that there is a conspiracy to get it back. It is because of me that it has been blocked for so long.”