Imperial Pacific to open on March 31

The Saipan casino developed by Imperial Pacific International Holdings confirmed its soft opening date.

Saipan.- The Imperial Pacific Resort developed by Hong Kong based company Imperial Pacific International Holdings will go through its soft opening on March 31. According to Marianas Variety, the contractor said that the construction of the ground floor is reaching its halfway point.

The contractor said that the construction should be officially completed before August, the established deadline, and reassured that the soft opening will happen by the end of March. Commonwealth Casino Commission vice chairman Joseph C. Reyes said that Imperial Pacific should consider the extension of the contract with T-Galleria in case they have to delay the opening date again. “There are a lot of factors that can cause delays like the bad weather, for example. So my point is that the company should start looking into the possibility because that possibility exists,” he added.

Ivan Blanco, a member of the House Committee on Gaming, said: that they are on the right track, and that there are always areas where they are unsure. “We will encounter some barriers, but this meeting is important because it helped us resolve some of the issues. We are seeing progress and they are moving forward, and we are hopeful that things will move according to plan,” he concluded.

The new gambling facility casino would feature around 200 to 300 gaming tables and 300 to 400 slot machines. The 350-suite resort is being designed by Steelman Partners LLP, which has been involved in the design of several large casinos in Asia and elsewhere.