Imperial Pacific to feature baccarat tables

According to its public affairs director, the Saipan casino Imperial Pacific will feature 48 baccarat tables once it opens to the public.

Saipan.- After announcing on the last week of March that the Northern Mariana Islands was finished, now its public affairs and marketing director David Largent confirmed that the casino will feature 300 gaming tables and 48 baccarat tables once it opens.

As reported by the Saipan Tribune, Scott Morrow, Imperial Pacific’s casino table games director, confirmed that it will also feature Texas Hold ‘Em Poker and Blackjack, as well as VIP tables. “The exclusive cage makes it easy for our VIP guests to make the transactions with no more trips outside the room. I’m very excited about this. There are also situations in VIP areas where guests could either play by themselves or within small groups that gives them more elbow room,” he added.

Moreover, Imperial Pacific is set to offer two roulette tables and card cabinets, along with approximately 400 slot machines. The 350-suite resort is being designed by Steelman Partners LLP, which has been involved in the design of several large casinos in Asia and elsewhere.

On March 21, the governor of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI), has granted Imperial Pacific International Holdings Ltd. the permission to delay the installation the permanent casino. Some sources said that the Saipan facility could open in August.