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ICG Group visits JCM Global’s HQs for first-hand look at MRX product

ICG will begin a live, global field test of the modular note-recycling MRX.

The hospitality and retail software developer visited JCM’s headquarters in Tokyo for first-hand look at new MRX product.

Japan.- Spanish software developers ICG Group recently paid a visit to JCM Global headquarters in Tokyo to get an up-close look at JCM’s new MRX product. ICG has been a JCM customer for several years and utilises JCM’s iPRO-RC™ note-recycling bill validator in many of the solutions ICG provides to the hospitality, hotel, and retail industries.Following the visit, ICG will begin a live, global field test of the modular note-recycling MRX.

ICG has been studying JCM’s MRX product since last year, and the company’s developers are particularly interested in MRX’s bulk note feed capabilities, in addition to its modular design, high-speed processing, and security.

JCM EMEA General Manager Payam Zadeh said: “We have truly enjoyed our working relationship with ICG Group, because, like JCM, they are an innovation-driven company that constantly seeks better, smarter, and faster solutions for their customers. We were thrilled to welcome them to our headquarters and are excited to begin this global test of our new MRX product.”

ICG Group President Andreu Pi said: “After several years working with JCM, I was happy to visit their facilities in Japan and to discuss future projects surrounding their note-recycling MRX. Having a recycler with high performance like MRX will allows us to pursue new projects in banking, shopping centers, and superstores.”

The MRX is a modular banknote recycler from JCM for a wide range of payment terminals. Its flexibility and high-speed operation make MRX an ideal component for every application. Features include high-speed processing of 2 notes per second for accepting and dispensing; bulk note feed and payout of up to 15 notes; flexible modular design; and 2,200-note capacity collection cassette.

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