GVC adds new responsible gambling measures

GVC has welcomed the UKGC's latest guidance
GVC has welcomed the UKGC's latest guidance

The GVC group is giving customers the power to set curfews and slot stake limits following UKGC guidance on responsible gambling measures.

UK.- The GVC Group is to increase its responsible gambling measures during the remainder of the Coronavirus lockdown after announcing that it welcomed the Gambling Commission’s (UKGC) new guidance for UK operators.

The group said it was building on its existing Changing for the Bettor safer gambling strategy following the new guidance and in the next few weeks would begin to allow customers the ability to set stake limits on online slots and to set curfews for play. 

These measures will be added to the ban on withdrawal reversions introduced in the UKGC’s new guidance published this week.

The group will add additional Markets of Harm indicators to its safer gambling algorithm to review player behaviour and compare pre- and post-lockdown behaviour to detect signs on increased risk.

The group said that if increased-risk behaviour is identified, it will initiate a sliding scale of interventions with the possibility of ultimately suspending or closing a player’s account.

GVC CEO Kenneth Alexander said: “We welcome the finding from the UK Gambling Commission that there is no evidence to suggest an increase in problem gambling during the Covid-19 lockdown. 

“Nevertheless, we remain committed to taking all necessary actions to keep our customers safe whilst they enjoy our products. Providing a robust safety net for those who may experience harm is particularly important during this unprecedented time of uncertainty and social restrictions. 

“That is why we continue to enhance our tools to track problematic play so that we can proactively interact with any player if we see changes that suggest they are having problems.”

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