Graton casino suffers “data breach”

graton casino

Credits: CHRISTOPHER CHUNG/Press Democrat

The incident at the Graton Resort and Casino allegedly revealed patrons’ Social Security numbers.

US.- A spokeswoman for the Graton Resort and Casino revealed earlier this week that an undisclosed number of patrons at the facility were being notified by mail os an inadvertent email distribution of personal information like addresses, names and Social Security numbers of patrons.

The official said that as it was a human error it cannot be considered a data breach. As local media reported, the casino staff “discovered that certain personal information was inadvertently distributed in a small number of email attachments as ‘hidden’ information that could be revealed via certain manipulation by the recipients,” read a letter sent by the facility.

According to the notice, the emails were sent between February and August of this year. “Upon discovering the situation, we immediately ceased distribution of the information, took steps to stop further distribution of the material and took steps to ensure it does not happen again,” it added.

Lori Nelson, a spokeswoman for the operator, added that it was important to note that it wasn’t a data breach or a hack: “It was human error that we have now taken the necessary steps to prevent from occurring again.”