Goa evaluates offshore casinos situation

This modality of land-based casino could end its business in the Indian State in less than a year.

India.- In a context of future changes as to casino permissions in Goa, the smallest state of India, is debating whether to allow or relocate its four offshore casinos that currently operate in floating gaming ventures in the Mandovi river.

Vinay Tendulkar, unit chief of the BJP –Bharatiya Janata Party–, expressed his concern about how this could affect future business and inversions in Goa. “If we move offshore casinos arbitrarily or terminate their operations, it will damage (prospective) investors’ confidence in the government,” explained the ruling BJP.

Goa has been trying to ban offshore casinos from the state, but until now, no other location in India has accepted the operation of the four casinos in its territory, especially because regional citizens oppose to gambling. The Chief Minister decided last April that offshore casinos will remain in the Mandovi river for one more year.

The decision generated critics among opposition in the Congress, because in 2012 BJP had promised in its election manifesto that it would shift the four ventures away from the Mandovi river, following the line of popular opinion. However, casino employees have petitioned the government to maintain their jobs and give operators one more year.