Germany reduces problem gambling

A national study has revealed that the country’s administration got to reduce problem gambling among citizens.

Germany.- The Germany’s Drug Commissioner of the Federal Government has released its Drug and Addiction Report 2017, showing that problem gambling statistics have been reduced. Regular problem gamblers figures as well as sever pathological gamblers have decreased 0.69 percent and 0.82 percent, respectively.

As the national report reveals, problem gambling has been reduced 40.2 percent in comparison with the most recent report. Furthermore, the results also show that there was a decline of 55 percent of people who answered ‘yes’ to being engaged with any form of gambling, compared to the 2007’s results.

However, officials have recently urged legislators to regulate the online gaming industry. The Interstate Treaty needs all 16 individual states to approve and implement the legislation before the first day of January 2018 in order to pass the Treaty. Finance Minister of Saxony-Anhalt, André Schröder said that in order to legalise the online gambling industry in Germany, all individual states need to implement the proposed Interstate Treaty on gambling.

The Minister wants all states to make it official to stop it from becoming inoperative. He also added that if the ratification is in charge of individual counties, then the regulations can’t be applied on a national level, and the current regulations would continue, therefore the problems would do as well.