Genting Singapore looks for Japan casino partner

Genting is pushing to land in Japan and looks for a casino partner.
Genting is pushing to land in Japan and looks for a casino partner.

Developer Genting Singapore has said it wants to develop a Japan casino and is in the process of exploring partners for the investment.

Japan.- The gaming industry is about to take a huge step in Japan and everybody wants to be part of it. That’s why the biggest companies in the world are pushing for a venue and want to get a licence in the archipiélago.

Genting Singapore is pushing a Japan casino plan and is working to get it this year. That’s why the company revealed it is “in the process of exploring partners” for its IR.

Genting Singapore has plans to invest US$10 billion in any city or prefecture. For that matter, it seeks to get its business partner ready by September/October.

The push

A corruption scandal seems to be the last thing the gaming industry needs as it nears the country. The Japan IR segment was getting closer but is now at its worst acceptance rates.

An Asahi Shinbum survey showed that the local population is now reluctant towards the industry. Out of the respondents in the January 25-26 telephone survey, 64% think Japan should freeze its IR plans. Still, 20% of respondents favoured moving forward on it.


A corruption scandal shook Japan regarding a casino developer and politicians who took bribes recently. That sparked some doubt about the potential delay of the Japan IR plans amid the development of new policies. However, no delays seem to be ahead, according to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

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