France shares online gambling results

Sports betting is still the strongest point in France’s online gambling market.

France.- ARJEL, the French gaming regulator, released the results of the last quarter of 2016, Sports betting increased 18 percent compared to the same period a year before, and hit the second highest total since the European country regulated the market back in 2010.

The revenue increased 9 percent during the fourth quarter to US$96 million, and the weekly active players also jumped 14 percent. The whole year experienced a 44.5 percent jump to US$2.2 billion, and revenue went through a 29 percent growth to US$377 million, boosted by the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics. Whilst sports betting is still the most important online gamblng activity in France, other modalities such as horserace betting and cash game poker continued to decline during the three month period.

Cash game poker stakes fell almost 0.5 percent to US$1 billion, the 21st consecutive month of negative results in the country, even if the fourth quarter results were the lowest registered in 2016 and a better result year-on-year. On the other hand, horseracing betting also experienced a 7 percent fall to US$265 million, and its revenue declined to US$67 million.