Four casinos fined in Missouri

The Missouri Gaming Commission found irregularities in the casinos operations.

US.- The Missouri Gaming Commission has set US$5,000 fines for four casinos in the State, after detecting irregularities in their operations. Yesterday, the board arrived to a resolution to establish the penalties corresponding to violations during 2015.

Ameristar in St. Charles, Bally Technologies, Harrah’s in North Kansas City and Tropicana of St. Louis, better known as Lumiere Place are facing disciplinary actions for findings in audits from 2015. Some of the violations included a lack of documented investigations into chaos variances, allowing the director of player development to have access to wagering and promotional accounts, and numerous instances where poker dealers failed to “clear their hands” (hold their hands open before leaving a table to assure patrons and security cameras that they are leaving the table empty handed).

Lumiere Place was fined with US$5,000 after dozens of casino employees failed to properly identify a minor drinking and gambling on the casino floor using a fake ID. Ameristar Casino in St. Charles received a US$20,000 charge for five violations after a follow-up to a May 2015 compliance audit.

The Harrah’s in North Kansas City was fined with  US$5,000 because terminated employees were found to have access to casino slot counting system more than 72 hours after their termination. After a follow-up on the initial audit, some employees still had that access.