Flybet takes flight in Brazil empowered by WA.Technology’s Platform Solutions

This agreement is is more proof of WA.Technology
This agreement is is more proof of WA.Technology

Flybet announced its entry into the Brazilian market, fully equipped with WA.Technology’s cutting-edge WA.Platform.

Press release.- Marking a new era in Brazilian igaming, operator Flybet announces its entry into the Brazilian market, fully equipped with WA.Technology‘s cutting-edge WA.Platform, including the specialised WA.Sports and WA.Casino platform solutions.

This launch blends Flybet’s fresh iGaming approach with expert iGaming provider WA.Technology’s technological prowess and full spectrum of iGaming solutions, setting new benchmarks for player engagement and satisfaction in Brazil.

Flybet is a comprehensive iGaming destination for all Brazilian iGaming fans, offering a wide range of gaming options catering to all players. From exhilarating sports betting and casino games to the immersive experiences of live casino, virtual sports, and eSports, Flybet promises to deliver pure entertainment to its Brazilian players.

At the heart of Flybet’s sports betting offering is WA.Sports, providing an exceptional sportsbook experience with an expansive selection of pre-match and live events. Its localized content and intelligent sportsbook features engage and retain players through bespoke content specifically for the Brazilian market.

Complementing the sportsbook, WA.Casino enriches Flybet’s portfolio with a top-notch casino experience. Players can access an extensive range of games from leading industry studios, ensuring a thrilling and thoroughly enjoyable gaming adventure.

The introduction of Flybet is the result of a collaborative effort between WA.Technology and its verticals WA.Platform, WA.Sports, and WA.Casino that showcases the company’s capability to create personalised, market-specific iGaming solutions. WA.Technology’s expertise in delivering seamless and engaging user experiences tailored to the unique preferences of the Brazilian market was the clear-cut choice.

Tim Scoffham, CEO of WA.Technology said, “The introduction of Flybet shows our continued commitment to expanding our growth in Latam. We worked hard with the Flybet team to produce an exciting brand with a distinct Brazilian flare that benefits from our latest technological features and expert experience. We are confident that Flybet will go on to great things in Brazil and look forward to its success.”

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Flybet’s is more proof of WA.Technology’s growing influence in the Latam B2B iGaming sector as a leading provider of iGaming solutions. With its full spectrum of iGaming options and an unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation, WA.Technology continues to expand on its current growth trajectory, just as Flybet is poised to captivate the Brazilian iGaming community.

Reflecting on the partnership, Flybet’s CEO Dilton Couto dos Santos remarked, “We are immensely grateful for WA.Technology’s unmatched skill, expertise, and creative vision in bringing Flybet to life. Their dedication to innovation and quality has enabled us to offer a unique and competitive platform that stands out in Brazil’s iGaming sector.”

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