Finland: “new type of casino” to open December 2021

Finland: “new type of casino” to open December 2021

Veikkaus wants its Tampere venue to be “a trendsetter of the European casino world”.

Finland.- The state-owned gaming operator Veikkaus has announced it expects work on a new casino in the centre of Tampere to be completed for December 2021.

It is working with Finnish interior designers and AV and media specialists on the design of Casino Tampere, which will form part of the UROS Live Arena. 

Veikkaus says it hopes the new casino will be “a trendsetter of the European casino world as a builder of a responsible gaming environment and a new type of arena casino”.

The casinos will have specially created areas for social gaming and will offer new products and new tools for ensuring responsible gambling, the operator says.

These will include the implementation of a registration system with compulsory account-based play for all customers.

Sami Aiho, General Manager of Casino Tampere said: “Veikkaus’s casinos will be trailblazers in responsible gaming.

“The authentication provides our customers tools for gaming control, which they can use to manage their gaming by, for example, setting limits on their gaming or opting for a total gaming ban.”

Casino Tampere is expected to employ around 80 staff, the majority in customer service.

Veikkaus says recruitment will begin early in 2021 and that staff will be trained to prioritise social responsibility and personalised customer experience.

Compulsory customer authentication will also be introduced at Veikkaus’s existing casino, Casino Helsinki, in the first half of 2021 ahead of the opening of the Tampere venue. 

It recently said it would introduce customer authentication at its Feel Vegas and Pelaamo arcades from January 2021 as a measure against underage gambling.

The measures will also be introduced for operator slot machines in stores, kiosks, service stations and restaurants.

Currently, customers at Casino Helsinki must register but do not need to show their registration cards every time before playing, while arcades and decentralised slots currently only require members of Veikkaus’s customer loyalty programmes to log in to play.

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