February marked an improvement in Nevada gambling revenues

Nevada casinos experienced a slight increase in revenue during 2016 to US$11.2 billion.
Nevada casinos experienced a slight increase in revenue during 2016 to US$11.2 billion.

The end of the National Football League, Super Bowl, held in Las Vegas last month boosted tourism and gambling transactions.

US.- The gambling state Nevada, known for the most famous casino city Las Vegas, published yesterday last month’s data regarding gambling operations. According to reports from the Nevada Gaming Control Board, February ended with an 8 percent increment in the state’s gambling revenues intensified because of sports betting services during the week of Super Bowl event.

Nevada collected a total amount of US$989.8 million for gaming transactions, whilst Las Vegas achieved US$570.2 million (7.3 percent more than the same month in 2015.) Sportsbook issued a total revenue of US$28 million, a 99 percent of increment in comparison with last year’s data. A record-breaking amount of US$276 millions were collected in wagers. Basketball and football were the most popular sports to bet on with an 83.1 percent of increment (US$13.4 million) and a high of 286 percent (US$12.9 million,) respectively.

“It’s hard to quantify what else it brings in. But I wouldn’t discount the Super Bowl,” opined Michael Lawton, analyst at the control board. Nevertheless, sports betting revenues contribute with a 2 percent of the total gaming incomes in Las Vegas per year. Thanks to the entire industry, the state achieved US$51 million in taxes only in February.

As to casino, table games noted a 8.3 percent of growth; slots, 7.8 percent; poker, 5.4 percent and blackjack, 5.3. Baccarat did not show its best version with less than a 1 percent increment. The growing tendency expects to be even higher on the following months with the March Madness and boxing events in T-Mobile Arena in April.