Fast Track at SiGMA Americas 2024: Direct contact with potential partners and a strong interest in the “Singularity” platform

Fast Track successfully attended the 2024 edition of SiGMA Americas.
Fast Track successfully attended the 2024 edition of SiGMA Americas.

Fast Track Solutions spoke with Focus Gaming News about its successful attendance at SiGMA Americas, highlighting the growing demand for its solutions in the Latin American market.

Exclusive interview – A week has passed since the 2024 edition of SiGMA Americas, one of the most important events for the igaming industry in Latin America.

More than 10,000 delegates and over 300 exhibitors attended, including Fast Track Solutions, one of the leading CRM companies in the igaming industry.

To find out more about their time at the event, Focus Gaming News spoke with representatives of the company who said their participation at this year’s event was “incredibly fruitful”.

They also said: “SiGMA Americas 2024 provided us with an important platform to showcase our latest innovations and reinforce our commitment to the Americas, particularly the emerging Brazilian market.” 

In addition, the company was able to engage directly with many potential partners and operators, gaining valuable feedback and insights that align perfectly with its strategic objectives for growth and expansion in the region.

In terms of what were the most frequently asked questions from visitors at the Fast Track booth, company representatives explained that several of the people who came by were particularly interested in how their “Singularity” platform can tailor the player experience and automate complex CRM activities in real-time. 

There was also no shortage of queries regarding integration capabilities, data handling and security, as well as the scalability of Fast Track’s solutions to accommodate different sizes of igaming operators.

“There is a strong need for technology that integrates seamlessly with existing systems”

Commenting on Fast Track’s time at SiGMA Americas 2024, the company said: “The event underscored the dynamic nature of the American gaming market and the growing demand for advanced CRM solutions that can drive player engagement and operational efficiency.” 

“It was clear that there is a strong need for technology that integrates seamlessly with existing systems while offering the flexibility to adapt to market-specific requirements.”

As for the Brazilian market in particular, Fast Track shared its perspective: “The Brazilian market is particularly ready for innovative technology in igaming. Operators here are keen to improve efficiency and are well aware of the competitive advantage that real-time data analysis can provide.

“With millions of players, the ability to make quick, data-driven decisions is not just an advantage – it is essential. Fast Track’s next-generation CRM technology is uniquely positioned to meet this need by enabling a 1:1 player experience on an unprecedented scale. Our CRM integrates seamlessly with existing technologies, providing the flexibility to effectively support different CRM strategies. 

“In addition, our commitment to providing support in local time zones and languages ensures that our partners receive the timely and culturally relevant service that is critical to their success.”

“With millions of players, the ability to make quick, data-driven decisions is not just an advantage – it is essential.”

Fast Track Solutions.

A partnership with Altenar to improve player experience

Fast Track Solutions recently announced the signing of an agreement with Altenar. The company explained that through this partnership, operators using the Altenar platform can now easily integrate with its next-generation CRM.

“This integration provides them with sophisticated tools to effectively engage players, leveraging Fast Track’s capabilities such as real-time behavioural analytics, automated marketing campaigns and AI-driven personalisation,” Fast Track representatives said. 

“These features not only enhance the player experience but also optimise operator workflow and profitability. Seamless integration ensures that operators can quickly adapt to changes in player behaviour and market conditions, maintaining agility in a fast-paced industry,” they added.

Fast Track Solutions will head to SBC North America to further expand its footprint in the Americas. There, the company will provide information on the future of CRM in igaming.

In addition, company representatives will attend the Peru Gaming Show to further their connections and understanding of the Latin American market. “Our focus remains on delivering innovative solutions to the igaming industry, underpinned by our mantra that ‘there’s always a better way’,” they said. 

Finally, Fast Track exclusively confirmed that it is working on some exciting new developments that “will further revolutionise the way operators engage with their players”. 

“Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to challenge the status quo and deliver solutions that create real value for our partners,” they concluded.

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