Europe is the largest online gambling market worldwide

The European online gambling market is estimated to be around US$15 billion, whilst the gambling market in Europe as a whole is around US$87 billion.

UK.- Europe is by far the largest real-money online casino market in the world, worth an estimated of US$87 billion, with online gambling representing around US$15 billion of that amount.

Figures from the UK Gambling Commission between 2005 and 2009 reflect that online slots play increased 328 percent, whilst table games and poker grew by 52 and 26 percent, respectively. The UK is considered worldwide, the leader in regulation of this kind of games.

Online gambling is growing at an 11 percent pace globally, with the market currently worth around US$37 billion a year. Over 85 nations across the globe have legalised online gambling. India and Russia are two huge markets examining the idea of online poker sites. However, the United States is the most important marketplace in terms of an individual country.

The first regulated real-money online casino game was launched back in 2013 in the United States, when Nevada gave green light to the online poker industry. Delaware and New Jersey joined in, with New Jersey currently owning over 92 percent of the market. According to the accounting firm RubinBrown, real-money online casino games are still on its early stages in the US, as revenues from the sector represent only 0.2 percent of the total gaming revenue seen in 2015.  Morgan Stanley estimates the American market could be worth US$5 billion by 2020.